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Union Benefits Specialist - Remote Position - must be NY State resident

Confidential Remote
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March 17, 2023
Albany, NY



Our mission is to develop and support people to enhance the lives around us - and we mean it, whether those people are our clients, our team members, or members of our community. We strive to create an environment that allows individuals to discover their potential and achieve their professional, financial, and personal goals. You can go as far as your skills, effort, and commitment will take you. If you're looking for the right career to give you long-term stability, and you're driven by the chance to learn, grow, and develop your leadership qualities, that opportunity is here.

This is a full-time position that can be done remotely, with opportunities for advancement via our management training and leadership development program available for consideration after 3 months - we only promote from within. All new hires start out in our individually-focused, comprehensive, PAID training program, tailored to their experience level.


A Benefits Enrollment Representative meets remotely with union members who have signed up to receive supplemental benefit plans that help protect their families far beyond what is covered through their employer. Their role is to consult with the family, explain the options available, and help them select the best one to fit their family's needs. Successful Benefits Enrollment Representatives are great communicators who are ambitious, motivated, organized; they think like entrepreneurs and are committed, team players.


  • Outreach to new union members that need to enroll in the benefits program
  • Customize new benefits plans and adjust existing plans to fit the current needs of each client
  • Establish and maintain relationships with existing and new clients
  • Enroll union and association members into the exclusive benefits program negotiated for them by their union or association
  • Provide attentive customer service and any necessary administrative support in response to members' needs
  • Respond to and resolve client questions and concerns regarding their benefits
  • Ensure that all documentation is accurate and complete, and perform any necessary updates on schedule
  • Work collaboratively with your team members


  • Medical and life insurance
  • Company stock options offered
  • Retirement benefits from renewal income
  • Chance to earn a free trip for you and a guest to the Bahamas, Cancun, Las Vegas, and other exciting locations
  • Comprehensive paid training program
  • Flexible work schedule with option to work from home
  • Weekly pay and performance-based monthly bonuses



Performance based. Estimated  $40k-80k for first year. Weekly bonus options depending on performance.



We are the only 100% union label supplemental benefits company in the world. With a client base that includes over 40,000 unions and associations internationally, we've specialized in providing both supplemental and permanent benefits to hard-working families for over 60 years. Now we're looking for the right addition to OUR growing family in our Poughkeepsie office.

Our team is made up of very talented, hard-working, high energy, and fun individuals. We're focused on personal growth and long-term success. We're looking to share the opportunity to join in our fun and our success with other like-minded leaders who will bring value to our team and have a positive impact on the people around them.

Job Requirements:


This opportunity is about growth and development. We're seeking candidates who have the following qualities, but we've found you don't have to have experience in what we do in order to be good at it. If you're just getting your career started, or simply looking to take yours in a new direction, we're committed to helping you learn and grow. If you've had some leadership or customer service experience, or you've worked in a team-oriented environment in the past, you're exactly the type of candidate we're looking for.

Qualities of a Successful Benefits Enrollment Representative:

  • You want to feel good about the work you do, and to make a difference.
  • You genuinely care about the people you help with the work you do.
  • You go above and beyond to give a little bit more, or do a little bit extra.
  • You believe that recognition and appreciation for your contribution and achievements are just as important as constructive criticism.
  • You're the person that people naturally look to as a resource for guidance, assistance, influence, or inspiration in general.
  • You can find an opportunity for growth and learning in every experience and interaction, no matter what.
  • You want to build on your own knowledge, skills, and leadership qualities, but also contribute to helping others grow and progress towards their own goals as well.

If you're ready to make a difference in both your life and the lives of others, please apply by submitting your resume. If your background is a fit, a member of our recruiting team will be in touch with next steps in the process.


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